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Informing the operations & helping drive innovation across the rail industry with Meteomatics Weather API

Meteomatics is an established weather data partner to the rail industry across Europe, with Meteomatics Weather API delivering millions of queries per day to customers across the globe. Meteomatics Weather API gives customers access to a rich forecasting database of weather parameters and rail industry specific solutions. These have been created by our in-house meteorologists and data science teams, working closely with rail customers to address their weather and climate challenges. It all started from our experience of operating in one of the worlds most challenging rail operating environments, here in Switzerland.

Meteomatics experience in forecasting for the rail industry, combined with its in-house meteorological expertise and agile approach to development, enable Meteomatics to provide expert weather insight and rapidly create new services to help the rail industry innovate, realise efficiency improvements and continuously improve safety.

The richness and usability of Meteomatics Weather API

Meteomatics’ Weather API covers a range of weather parameters, including temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, rainfall rate, snow depth, solar radiation, cloud heights, cloud types, and many thousands more. The company applies precision downscaling and calibration techniques to weather forecasting models. These include synoptic observations, radar information, and satellite data collected from the world’s leading Met Services (including ECMWF, NOAA and  other respected scientific institutions). All leading to the creation of a unique, high-resolution, global, historical, real-time, seasonal and climate timescale weather delivery capability. 

Importantly, Meteomatics Weather API removes the complexity of handling and processing weather data, allowing users to retrieve large volumes of weather data quickly. Customers can simply and easily specify exactly which data they need, and have it delivered via their chosen format and to their chosen location. 

Meteomatics’ Weather API is compatible with a wide range of open source data connectors and data formats, such as CSV, R, Matlab, Python, C++, Golang and many others. Plus its Web Mapping Service allow customers to build useful visualizations, all using the same API endpoint.


Meteomatics services to the rail industry

Leveraging Meteomatics meteorological expertise & knowledge to overcome operational challenges in rail

Meteomatics has leveraged its experience across industries to offer an unrivalled range of data forecasting capability for rail.

Meteomatics provides microscale weather forecasting down to 90m globally for temperature, pressure, precipitation and wind. Improving the accuracy of the weather forecast and rail specific services with our ability to forecast point heating, snow damage, snow melt index, snow drift, power line icing and oscillations.

Meteomatics API also computes each customer's forecast query ‘on the fly’, using the latest observations that are held in memory, giving users confidence that they are receiving the most accurate and up to date forecast possible. Plus, Meteomatics Weather API calculates a nowcast every 5 minutes using a new radar image, latest available lightning data and satellite cloud cover.  


The Weather API helps SBB to enhance their railway operations


Weather impacts a railway provider`s daily business in many ways. The number of travellers is highly dependent on local weather conditions and for the railway network to be able to operate at a higher frequency requires more precise planning for both schedule and increased energy consumption.


The Meteomatics Weather API provides precise hyper-local forecasts for all relevant meteorological parameters along a specific route. By downloading that data and overlaying it with the energy consumption along a route, the Swiss Federal Railways, SBB, was able to align the energy consumption of their trains with the local weather conditions like wind, ice and dew. As a result of this success the API is now in the process of being integrated throughout the whole railway service from the planning of snow ploughing and tracking heating to the tourism advertisements.

"Using Meteomatics meteorological expertise and it's weather API, SBB could test its hypothesis and determine what causes variations in energy consumption. We are delighted with the results of our partnership with Meteomatics and are increasingly integrating its weather api into our operations, allowing SBB to improve operational planning and reduce operating costs."

Creating hyper-localised forecasts using Meteomatics Meteodrones

Rail networks, operators and passengers are often impacted by severe weather, accurately forecasting these events and possible impacts can be very challenging. 

The lack of weather observations in the lower part of the atmosphere (called the primary boundary layer), can directly impact the accurate prediction of severe weather events, such as fog, hail, severe localised rainfall and thunderstorms.

Meteomatics has designed and manufactured its own fleet of weather drones, called Meteodrones. Meteodrones are engineered specifically for collecting weather observations and can operate in some of the most challenging weather conditions (e.g. severe thunderstorms – test flights have been completed with NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory in the USA). Plus, they are certified to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and can fly up to 6 km into the atmosphere, collecting weather observations throughout.

Meteodrones can be stationed in almost any location and piloted remotely to allow for the capture of observations in areas of interest or where there is a requirement for a hyper-localised weather forecast.

Meteomatics ingests the data captured by its Meteodrones and other observations to run its limited area model, creating a weather forecast that excels in predictions of fog, icing, thunderstorms, severe localised rainfall and lightning.

Meteomatics has proven the value its Meteodrones bring to the weather industry, participating in trials, which resulted in the world's most revered meteorological and hydrological organisations purchasing their own fleet of Meteodrones! Plus, the creation of a hyper-localised forecast for Zurich airports runways.