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You can use our free weather widget to display the current weather forecast on your website.

Include the following code in your html:

<div id="weatherwidget" class="weatherwidget" style="width:45%;float:left;"></div>
<script src="//widget.meteomatics.com/widget/<Location>/<lat_lon>/<orientation>/on/<target_id>/<unit>" type="text/javascript"></script>

Change the following to your liking:

  • <Location>: The Name of the location that is shown above the forecast.
  • <lat_lon>: The coordinates of the location you want to display the forecast for as latitude_longitude given in decimal degrees. (E.g. 47.424_9.377 for St. Gallen)
  • <orientation>: The orientation of the widget. Either width for horizontal or height for a vertical layout.
  • <target_id>: The id of the container that widget is to be shown in.
  • <unit>: Temperature display in degrees Celsius ?unit=C  or in degrees Fahrenheit ?unit=F . If not specified degrees Celsius are displayed.