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With our weather API you get permanent access to current weather data, historical data, weather forecasts, as well as industry-specific parameters and indices.

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Forecast Range Up to 10 days Deterministic forecast up to 15 days, ensemble trend forecast up to 7 months, climate projections up to 2100
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Do you need individual historical data sets, current data or weather forecasts? Individual data sets can be purchased and downloaded directly from our data store.

We are happy to support research institutions and universities with special offers. Contact us to find the right solution for you!

What data is available in our API?

  • Weather data, environmental data, climate data, ocean and water data (Over 7 petabytes, and growing daily).
  • Model data (ECMWF, UKMO, etc.), station data, satellite imagery, radar data, and lightning data
  • High-resolution weather model developed in-house for unique forecast quality
  • Over 1800 different weather, ocean, and environmental parameters (parameter list)
  • Forecast data, ensemble and trend forecasts, forecasts up to 7 months ahead
  • Climate data including climate scenarios up to the year 2100 (details)

What is the performance and data quality of our weather API?

  • Real-time data retrieval, response time of a few milliseconds (real-time access to over 7 petabytes thanks to unique data processing technology).
  • Highest data quality: over 1640 updates per day ensure accuracy and timeliness
  • "On the fly" downscaling using topographic maps enables 90-meter resolution worldwide, greatly improving accuracy at the local level
  • High temporal resolution of data of 5 min (intervals)
  • Query of multiple parameters simultaneously for single or multiple locations, routes and areas (polygons and gridded)

How to work with our weather API and how to get support?

  • An API (Application Programming Interface) provides an interface for various programming languages that allows developers and programmers to integrate the data directly into their systems in the desired format in just a few steps.
  • The API can also be used very intuitively via the URL Creator. For this purpose, the individual components of the URL can be easily adapted directly in the browser. You can find detailed instructions here.
  • Start your project, your trial or your comparison in a few seconds: the free trial access is available immediately after registration and you can start right away.
  • Customized Business API packages are delivered within one business day
  • Use our free connectors for all major programming languages on Github: MATLAB, Python, C++, R, Java, C#, JS, Excel, Power BI, Go, ArcGIS, QGIS, Julia, and more (Github)
  • Extensive documentation and Q&A makes getting started and working with our weather API even easier

API Queries 

One simple URL opens a world of data

Time Series

Receive data for a single data & time, a time series, or a list of times
Customisable resolution from 1 minute to 24 hours


Select up to 10 weather parameters from our catalogue of hundreds


Specify a point, list of points, grid, polygon, or route


Choose the file format you need
Numerous standard file types available


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