Climate Change Reports and Services

Helping you Understand and Assess exposure to Climate Change

Helping you Understand and Assess exposure to Climate Change

Meteomatics Climate Change Services offer insight from Meteomatics’ rich and readily available database of climate projections (CMIP6 data) through 2100. The data is easily accessible via an API and helps evidence the potential impacts of a changing climate. Whilst our climate consultancy services help businesses identify their exposure to ‘true’ long-term climate change impacts.

Get ahead of Climate Change Impacts

Historical temperature data shows that the recent past is different in an unprecedented way from the long term. Current mitigation efforts and policies point to medium to high impact Climate Change scenarios.

The need to understand Climate Change impacts is urgent: success of today’s decisions is subject to the consideration of Climate Change.

Severe Weather already Impacts individuals and businesses Worldwide

Businesses and individuals across the globe are experiencing or witnessing climate change impacts, with examples including the increasing frequency of severe weather: fires in Siberia where there is usually permafrost: forests in Europe struggling to cope with drier and hotter summers: record lows of sea ice in the arctic: changes in wind speed impact wind power production, are just some examples that highlight the potential for dramatic changes on business environments.

As we look into the future and compare historical observations with climate projections, using the IPCCs Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs). It is clear that climate projections data are consistent with the historical development of the changing climate and give insights into the range of possible future impacts, which Meteomatics then analyzes and communicates to help customers make informed strategic business decisions, across a large number of industries.

Recent temperatures are higher than the long-term average, and there appears to be an acceleration of that trend over the last decade (as shown in the bar graph on top). It is important to recognize that impacts vary between regions, with Europe experiencing the largest temperature increase, followed by North America with Africa slightly less affected than other regions.

The chart on top shows a comparison between the historical global temperatures and climate change scenarios.
Providing evidence that the climate change scenarios are consistent with historical development, and illustrating the range of possible temperature increases.

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Climate Change Services

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How we work

Meteomatics specializes in applying our scientific expertise to identify the physical risks presented by the changing climate on investments, assets, and business operations, and reveal the ‘true’ long-term impacts.

Meteomatics focus on determining the risks presented by the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events, chronic weather patterns, and resource scarcity to help customers plan for both opportunities and risks brought by climate change impacts.

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Climate Change Services

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Meteomatics' Climate Change Services

Meteomatics offers unique insight into the physical climate change impacts, such as: 

  • Quantification of hyperlocal physical Climate Change Impacts
  • Ability to convert commercial problems and questions into analytical frameworks
  • Tailoring of analysis of specific meteorological and business parameters to client needs
  • Initial, high level assessments and asset or portfolio deep dives
  • Addressing both the effects of 'New Normal' and extreme events
  • Scenario analysis with most recent CMIP6 scenarios

Meteomatics Climate Change Service can be summarized into four discrete components, with customers often choosing to invest in more than one service, depending upon a customer’s exposure to climate change, considering details such as type, number, and locations of assets, in addition to nature of business operations.

Below is an overview of the climate change services we offer. Meteomatics recommends an initial meeting(s) to scope requirements, before agreeing a tailored approach aligned to your specific business needs.

Data Access

Meteomatics Weather & Climate API is a unique capability, with climate projections data available (up until 2100), as well as forecast data and observations. All through a single API endpoint, bringing a consistent approach to requesting meteorological information.

Purpose: Allows those customers with the data and scientific capability to request data in a convenient form so that they can create their own analysis and insights.

Site-specific Report

  • Industry parameters for each site.
  • Additional parameters, e.g wind direction, snow coverage, and extreme values
  • Annual time series and seasonal (or monthly) breakouts

Purpose: Identifies the level of risk assets that could encounter at a site or collection of sites, requiring bias correction of climate projections to align with historical, current, and future.

Portfolio Analysis

  • Asset specific parameters, e.g. average wind speed, production revenue for a portfolio
  • Correlation analysis and portfolio optimization

Purpose: Deep dive into clients’ portfolios and provide detailed impact assessment. Revealing any risk correlation between assets.

Region / country report

  • Industry specific parameters, e.g. wind speed, radiation, precipitation, heating days for region/country.
  • Typically, period averages with seasonal breakouts.

Purpose: Provide initial assessment (typical the 1st stage for customers).